BlackBerry PlayBook Voted In For U.S. Federal Use

Guess who is suiting up for battle? RIM. And we're not just talking about fighting the critics off; we're talking about actual battle. Granted, the BlackBerry PlayBook has yet to be approved for use on the battlefield, but it has been granted a stamp of approval for use within U.S. federal government agencies. RIM has a long history of providing enterprise-focused, highly-secured messaging solutions. It's possible that the company used inroads they already made in order to get this one qualified as well.

Unlike the iPad and any of the Android tablets around, the PlayBook is the first tablet to receive the FIPS 140-2 certification. According to RIM: "This certification ... enables the U.S. federal government to buy with confidence knowing that the PlayBook meets their computing policy requirements for protecting sensitive information." The PlayBook hasn't exactly been a runaway hit in the commercial world, but is there still enough enterprise business to keep the company in a positive position?