BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Coming Tomorrow?

We've known for some time now that BlackBerry's PlayBook OS update, known as OS 2.0, is coming sometime this month. With the end of February nearing in a week and a half, there isn't a ton of time. New reports suggest RIM may not wait until the last minute to release this new OS. In fact, it could come as early as tomorrow.

New evidence suggests the software update is set to be released on February 21. The update is set to be released at 4:01am in an unknown time zone for all new and existing PlayBooks. This update is expected to bring some key missing features to the tablet, including a native email client, better BlackBerry Bridge functionality, contacts, the ability to run Android apps natively, and more.

Reports also suggest that RIM plans to roll out BlackBerry Mobile Fusion tomorrow as well which will enable IT professionals to manage all BlackBerry devices from a single interface. The ability to manage Android and iOS devices from this same interface is expected in March.