Blackberry Brings BBM To Windows Store And Lumia Phones Everywhere

Arguably, BlackBerry should've opened up its BBM platform to everyone years ago, as it could've leapfrogged Hangouts, iMessage, Snapchat, and some of the other chat tools ahead of where we are now. At this point, the BBM userbase is so small, that it arriving on iOS and Android a while back has had little impact on the company's overall stake in mindshare.

That said, BBM is still probably the company's strongest software play at the moment, which is why it's bringing BBM to Windows Phone users. BBM will operate on WP8 or newer, enabling further cross-platform messaging with BBM Chats, BBM Groups, Find Friends, BBM Feeds, and 'Pin' to Start menu functionality. BlackBerry says that further features will be added soon.