Black Friday Pales, CyberMonday Cometh

Like many of you who are smart enough to know better, we tend to steer clear of the insanity of the crowd and resist the temptation to go deal shopping on the busiest day of the retail calendar.  Why on earth would you subject yourself to all that needless stress and anxiety anyway, when you can squander your holiday pesos online from the comfort of your armchair?  This is a question a growing number of etailers and retailers are posing as of late, to the extent we now have an official name for the first week day after Black Friday.  This coming Monday, December 1st, has been dubbed "CyberMonday".  And though somebody definitely could have been a bit more creative in terms of its branding, there certainly are a myriad of deals to be had on the net in the next few days. 

In fact SanDisk is having a CyberMonday extravaganza (don't let the old dog with the flash drive on his nose throw you off) on their Cruzer line of flash drives, offering up to 60% off on what is seemingly an already dirt-cheap memory product.  How about a 16GB drive for $43.99?  Hit the MP3 Player tab for some good deals on their Sansa line of products as well.

SanDisk's blowout is just the tip of the iceberg it appears., the company credited with coining the name CyberMonday, has a plethora of deals punched into the front page of the site, from various etailers.


Though retail store sales are expected to be rather lack-luster this holiday season, the forecast is significantly more optimistic for online outlets, with etail sales expected to grow as much as 12 percent to $44 billion, according to a study by Forrester Research. A study, conducted by Shopzilla for, showed the majority (56%) of the online retailers surveyed believe their holiday sales will increase about 15% versus last season's numbers.

See any hyper-irresistable deals on the net that you'd like to tell us about?  Sound off here and link it up!  By the way, of course, don't forget to check the HotHardware PriceGrabber search engine before you commit to anything.