Biscotti Brings Another VoIP Calling App To Your Television

Skype for TV, Google TV -- loads of companies have already tried the whole "calling on TV" thing, and now there's one more company throwing their hat in the ring. Biscotti has just revealed the Biscotti TV Phone, hailed as the next generation of home video calling. With high-definition picture and sound, Biscotti TV Phone brings family and friends together on the biggest screen in the home, your HDTV. Real-life picture and sound creates an experience so vivid, it’s like being in the same room. Sleek and small, the biscotti-shaped device is easy to use for all ages, featuring a friendly remote and on-screen menus that work while you’re watching TV. Best of all, you can make unlimited free calls to other Biscotti and to computers, tablets and smartphones supporting Google voice and video. Biscotti TV Phone is now available at

No computer or technical knowledge is required – only a TV, Wi-Fi and comfy place to sit! Simply plug in Biscotti and start making free calls to anyone anywhere, worldwide. You can call other Biscotti and computers, tablets and smartphones supporting Google voice and video. If you haven't caught on, you better hope your friends and family use Google voice. The package includes a six-button remote controls Biscotti while you are watching TV, without having to switch inputs. You can set Biscotti to automatically answer calls from select contacts and even turn on the TV when you receive a call.  Biscotti works with Wi-Fi uplink speeds as low as 256 Kbps and delivers true high-definition at speeds of 1 Mbps or greater. It is compatible with HDMI-enabled TVs and popular cable and satellite boxes.

Biscotti TV Phone is now available for sale in the United States and Canada for $199, and unlimited free video calls are included - there are no monthly fees.
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