Birds Sing. Buds Bloom. What's That Bunny Doing?

The first worm that attacks the open-source office suite OpenOffice has reared its ugly head--well, it's not ugly, exactly; it's a bunny. A furvert bunny.
It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux computers, but anti-malware vendor Sophos admits it poses a low threat, especially as it's only a proof-of-concept that hasn't actually been discovered 'in the wild'.

The OpenOffice worm uses the inbuilt StarBasic scripting language in the office suite to save scripts to disk in several other languages.

The worm attempts to download and display an indecent JPEG image of a man wearing a bunny suit performing a sexual act in woodland.

The worm underscores that open source software generally derives its reputation for safety from its low market share. When it gets popular enough to pay attention to, malware for it can breed like... rabbits.