Bill Gates Begins To Tweet

Don't worry, Bill Gates hasn't lost his mind, and starting Tweeting like a bird. Rather, the tech guru has joined the ranks of Twitter.

And while Twitter's fail whales were out in force this morning, it was most likely not because Bill Gates joined Twitter, despite the fact that Gates already has over 230,000 followers at the time of this writing.

Instead, although Twitter readily admitted it had issues this morning, it was either due to: a) hardware failure or b) the magnitude 6.1 aftershock that hit Haiti this morning. The outage occurred soon after the temblor hit.

Gates, on the other hand, tweeted his first message Tuesday at 11:59 AM, with the typical first message from a former programmer. It said, "Hello World."

@BillGates is also a "verified" Twitter account. That means that Twitter has confirmed he is who he says he is. There are plenty of celebrity impersonators on Twitter, and "verified" accounts were designed to weed them out.

Gates also has rejoined social networking site Facebook. He quit about six months ago, tired of being swamped with thousands of "friend" requests from people he did not know.

Finally, Gates latest Tweet, at the time of this writing, is about his new site,, which just went live on Wednesday. The site is broken into a number of categories including “My Travels,” "What I'm Thinking About," and “What I’m Learning.”