Bill Gates As Secret Santa Makes Reddit Reader's Christmas Wishes Come True

Have you ever done a secret gift exchange and had a fantasy that your secret Santa would be a billionaire and shower you with gifts? One Reddit user who participated in a massive Reddit Secret Santa 2013 gift exchange knows how that feels. Well, sort of.

Reddit user Rachel (NY1227)’s secret Santa was none other than Bill Gates. Being that the exchange was supposed to be secret, she didn’t realize the kindly “Bill” who gave her a little stuffed cow, a donation in her name to Heifer International, and the National Geographic book Journeys of a Lifetime was the billionaire tech mogul and philanthropist until she found the photo he included of himself holding the cow and a note.

Bill Gates Heifer International
Credit: Rachel, Reddit user NY1227

Rachel perhaps didn’t personally receive the bounty you might expect from one of the richest people in history (although you can bet Heifer International did), but she did get a heck of a story and a photo that she’ll no doubt frame and keep forever. And a cool book with a personalized inscription.

Bill Gates is quite a mench, and he has a sense of humor to boot.

A funny little twist is that Rachel had an iPad on her wish list, a faux pas for which she sheepishly (yet needlessly) apologized. If she'd asked for a Surface, we wonder if he would have sent her one.