Bill And Melinda Gates Meme Out And Bust Epic Dance Moves On Tonight Show

Look, I've seen a lot of things on the Internet, some of it real and some if it obviously not. I've watched knife-wielding crabs (wasn't real, but let's not be party poopers), a rat stealing a piece of pizza, a dad in a Batman mask teaching his kids hilarious life lessons, dancing babies, Hitler overreacting to everything, two girls...well, let's not go there. But folks, never say you've seen it all, because you haven't. Bill and Melinda Gates just reminded us of that.

The philanthropic duo appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote, an annual letter encouraging change for the greater good. This year's letter was addressed to the kids of the world, challenging them to solve some of the planet's problems in ways both big and small. Only you wouldn't know it by the crazy viral video.

Melinda Gates

Yes, that's the lovely Melinda Gates (I'm accepting virtual high-fives to grabbing that split-section screen capture on the first attempt) as a cat (I think). Why? Such questions have no place in a video like this, which features Bill Gates DJing to an enthusiastic crowd chanting "!"

Here, have a look:

This isn't unusual for Bill Gates. He's starred in goofy videos and commercials before, and he sure isn't afraid to make fun of himself. Make of them what you will, but the guy is flat out enjoying life, as he should be.

Heck, this isn't even his first viral video promoting his annual letter on The Tonight Show:

Pretty catchy, isn't it? And if you now find yourself strangely compelled to visit, well, click on through!