Bigfoot Networks Brings Advanced Stream Detect To More Products

Bigfoot's loose...again! Not that Bigfoot, but Bigfoot Networks. Every year right around this time, the company comes out with something new and fresh, and it's no different this time around. The company's latest is Advanced Stream Detect, which is now available for those who purchased the Killer 2100 and E2100. In fact, the ASD technology is now available for all of its networking platforms including Killer E2100 embedded networking platforms, Killer 2100 add-in cards and the Killer Wireless-N family of wireless networking adapters.

Advanced Stream Detect now classifies all network traffic automatically and prioritizes streams which are particularly sensitive to network performance, such as HD video, online games, video and audio conferencing, voice chat and more. As a result of this unprecedented network intelligence, users can watch HD video while downloading large files, send instant messages and play games simultaneously, or navigate the Web while video conferencing without all of the pausing and stuttering associated with slower, less intelligent networking solutions.

We have to wonder if Killer products will remain alone in this industry; it's obvious that people are into products that make online gameplay less herky-jerky, but is it really possible that Bigfoot has this locked down? Time shall tell, we suppose.