Big Think: Taking Advantage of Change

We've recently been spending a bit of time over a site called, "The Big Think".  It's a forum of sorts, on steroids if you will, with some pretty interesting and powerful multimedia capabilities, as well as a robust conversation engine that offers a reader the ability to interact with an author. The site has a well organized conversational flow that you'll find is generally quite comfortable to work with.  The topics covered at this site range from Architecture and Design to Arts and Culture, Business and Economics and of course, an area near and dear to our hearts: Technology and its role in many areas like business and lifestyles. 

Recently I made a cameo appearance there, discussing what I thought were important strategies for business, small or large in the technological revolution that is in motion today.  Social networking is of course a big thing now and large to small business, as well as individuals alike can take advantage of a number of tools on the new, hyper-connected conversational platforms that exist today.  Head on over to take chime for yourself or poke around at what some of the biggest minds in online media (folks like Thomson Reuters CEO, Tom Glocer) are saying about today's changing economy and tech landscape.