Big Brother is... Detouring You

Did you know your cellphone is anonymously snitching on your location all the time by scanning for signals from the nearest cell tower, whether you're using it or not? Well, IntelliOne Technologies has a way to put that to some use. They've developed a system to allow traffic to be mapped by plotting cellphone locations in real time.

Developed by IntelliOne Technologies Corp. in Atlanta, the TrafficAid system could not only help to guide drivers around tie-ups, but also tell emergency responders where accidents are or how effectively an evacuation is unfolding by pinpointing clusters of cell phones. "Unlike sensors and other equipment along major freeways that is expensive and takes years to deploy, our system takes advantage of existing cellular networks in which wireless carriers have already invested billions of dollars," says National Science Foundation (NSF) award winner and IntelliOne CEO Ron Herman, a former engineer and computer scientist.

Finally, all us road warriors yammerin' on the cell while we drive are doing somebody some good - besides sending our phone service provider's kids through college with our roaming charges.

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