BFG Interview With John Malley On Phobos

We recently had the chance to have a conversation with John Malley, BFG Tech's Senior Director of Marketing, regarding the company's recently released Phobos line of high-end gaming systems. We asked about the current state of the Phobos product line and its unique features and service options, and John also spoke about future possibilities for the company as well. Read on to see what John had to say about Phobos and why BFG thinks now was the right time to introduce such a system...

HotHardware: With the economy currently struggling, why would BFG introduce an ultra-high end, boutique system at this time? Wouldn't it have made more sense to start with a more affordable offering to gauge interest and build the brand?

John Malley, BFG Tech.: We started the Phobos project before the economy started struggling, and as we neared launch, we were fairly nervous. It was surprising for me to learn that some markets are actually thriving during times like these, and entertainment is one of those markets. According to Jon Peddie Research (JPR) the market for the overall segment of PC gaming hardware, which includes boutique enthusiast systems like Phobos, continues to grow despite all the media hype about the current economy being bad. Some of our competitors in this segment have recently reported their best sales months to date.

BFG Interview With John Malley On Phobos
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