Betting Big on Security, Cisco Acquires Sourcefire for $2.7 Billion

Networking giant Cisco has agreed to purchase Sourcefire, a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, for what amounts to $2.7 billion (Cisco will pay $76 per share in cash in exchange for each share of Sourcefire and assume outstanding equity awards), Cisco announced today. The deal has been approved by the board of directors of both companies

Cisco will use Sourcefire's technologies and resources to extend its threat protection across the entire attack continuum, including before, during, and after an attack, and from any device to any cloud, the company said. The benefit for consumers is continuous security in more places across the network.

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"The notion of the ‘perimeter' no longer exists and today's sophisticated threats are able to circumvent traditional, disparate security products. Organizations require continuous and pervasive advanced threat protection that addresses each phase of the attack continuum," said Christopher Young, senior vice president, Cisco Security Group. "With the acquisition of Sourcefire, we believe our customers will benefit from one of the industry's most comprehensive, integrated security solutions – one that is simpler to deploy, and offers better security intelligence."

Through this acquisition, Cisco puts itself in position to gain back network market share from smaller firms like Juniper Networks and Check Point Software Technologies.

The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2013.