Bethesda Finished Producing DLC for Skyrim, Teases Next Game

Sorry Skyrim fans, but Bethesda is moving on. The game developer announced earlier this week that it would no longer release new content for the popular RPG (long live user mods), as it's been doing for the past year and a half, limiting work on Skyrim to "minor updates" as they're needed. Fans of the game took the news with a heavy heart, though before the tears could dry up, Bethesda took to Twitter to tease its next project, which "requires the studio's full attention to make."

Here's the short four-second clip:

Moments after Bethesda posted the above Vine video, Jason Bergman, a senior producer who was involved with Fallout: New Vegas, posted a follow-up tweet saying, "Consider yourself teased."

Teased indeed, as there isn't much to extract from the ultra-short video clip. It starts off with a rotating image of barbed wire giving off a blue glow, which quickly turns into a vinyl LP labeled, "Planned program service program no. 416" by The Moonbeam Trio. A shot of sheet music wraps up the video.

Bethesda Record

Some fans wondered if it meant Bethesda was working on another sequel to the Fallout franchise, though Pete Hines, Bethesda's VP of public relations and marketing told Twitter users to "Guess again."

Any guesses? Perhaps a new Wolfenstein game?