Bethesda Makes Original Fallout Now Free Via Steam To Celebrate 20th Anniversary


If you haven't experienced any of the post-nuclear worlds from the popular Fallout series, now is your chance to jump on board, starting at the beginning. Bethesda, which owns the rights to the original Fallout game developed by Interplay, is celebrating the title's 20th anniversary by giving it away for free on Steam, for a limited time.

Players have until 11:59 PM (Pacific) on September 30 to claim the title on Steam and add it to their library. It does not have to be installed right away, or even by the deadline, but it does have to be added. After that, it will remain in the player's game catalog for all eternity, or until either Steam goes belly up, or a post-apocalyptic situation plays out in real life. In the case of the latter, no biggie—you can just live out the scenarios, rather than experience them through a computer screen.
The original Fallout is a top-down role playing game with turn-based combat. Unlike many RPG from its time period, however, players can complete tasks in a variety of ways. The decisions players make along the way can alter future opportunities, or even the ending.

Obviously the graphics are not on par with more recent Fallout games, or today's games in general. Even so, Fallout remains a fun title. It's not required in order to enjoy subsequent Fallout titles, but it is worth checking out if you have never played it before. And you can't beat the price!

If you are interested, just hit the source link add Fallout to your library.