Best & Worst of Computex 2005, Danger Den NV-68, and more!

Hey folks, I've got some bedtime stories for you techies :) Intel sent me an interesting e-mail today... apparently Seattle is the "Most Unwired City" in America. I guess with all the starbucks it's hard to sit still. Anyway, enjoy the rest. Goodnight.

Replay: Unknown Features of the NetBurst Core @ X-Bit Labs

"In the third part of our NetBurst Architecture investigation trilogy we are going to reveal the details of the Replay mechanism Implemented in Intel Pentium 4 processors, which Intel keeps quiet about. This particular mechanism and its working principles explain why Pentium 4 processors perform pretty slowly, despite their high working frequencies."

Danger Den NV-68 GPU Water Block Review @ Madshrimps

"Danger Den continues to be an innovator in water cooling. Their NV-68 Rev. 1.1 GPU/memory water block is a massive H20 copper cooler designed specifically to tame the nVidia 6800 line of graphic cards. Incorporating both GPU and memory cooling this is bound to be an Overclocker's dream. Madshrimps bolts this baby to a BFG 6800GT PCI-ex OC (370MHz core speed) and tests the NV-68 in linear as fed from a PolarFLO TT CPU-water block."

The Best & Worst of Computex 2005 @ The Tech Zone

"The best booth of Computex goes to IWILL. They showed off an amazing dual Opteron Small Form Factor PC with dual NVIDA video cards in SLI mode. However, what put IWILL over the top was the full fledge open bar they set up. Inside the booth were hot babes serving cold drinks. And they were even offering ice cream floats! Needless to say, the IWILL booth was one of the busiest of Computex."

PQI mPack P800 Portable Entertainment Centre @ PCStats

"To start with, the PQI mPack P800 supports a pleasingly large array of formats. For video, MPEG 1,2 and 4 (and DivX) are covered, along with XviD, WMV and ASF. An equally wide range of audio formats including OGG, AC3, AAC, WMA and WAV files are supported in addition to the traditional MP3. To top it off, the mPack P800 even supports a range of picture formats beyond the expected JPEGs. GIF and BMP pics can be viewed, and even RAW images, something that should make photography enthusiasts smile."

Via:  HH News Feed
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