BenQ Ships nReader K61 E-Reader With 3G And Wi-Fi

Despite the fact that Amazon and Barnes & Noble essentially have the eReader market cornered, companies are still continuing to pour out alternatives as if the market is still blooming. BenQ hasn't been known for their dabbling in the eReader market before, but considering just how many outfits are now challenging the NOOK and Kindle, why not another?

The new eReader K61 is a second-generation device, complete with integrated Wi-Fi, 3G and a touch screen. The unit just went on sale in Taiwan for a little over $300 (U.S.), boasting a 6" touch panel, support for doodling, Chinese, Japanese and English-language reading capabilities, text-to-speech in Chinese and English and 200 pre-loaded books.

It also comes with 2GB of internal storage space, an SD card slot, mini-USB port, headphone jack, and a rather slick white chassis. We aren't told of any plans to bring the device to any other parts of the world, but you never know...
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