Belkin Intros @TV, Brings More Content To Mobile Devices

Does the world need another set-top box? Depends on who you ask. Belkin thinks the answer is 'yes,' judging by the release of its new @TV. The curiously titled box brings live and recorded content to mobile devices. It operates over Wi-Fi, or a 3G/4G cellular data network, and allows users to access all content from their home theater on tablets, smartphones, and laptops. @TV works with both standard and high-definition programming and can connect and control multiple sources, such as a digital cable box, satellite receiver, or DVD player, and it also has Wi-Fi built in and can record live TV directly to a mobile device for viewing when not connected to Wi-Fi or a data network.

@TV works with the @TV mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android platforms. The @TV app is free for tablets and $12.99 for smartphones. The apps are available from the Apple App Store and Android Market. The unit itself? That's $150, and it'll ship in "mid-July."
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