Belkin Intros Gigabit Powerline HD Adapters

Belkin's latest media streaming solution certainly isn't the first to utilize Powerline, but it's the first that we've seen in quite some while that really instills confidence. Engineered specifically to handle the high pressures of HD streaming, the Belkin Gigabit Powerline Adapters are made to handle Gigabit speeds as high as 1000Mbps, which should be plenty to pass along even the richest of content available in the home.

The adapters are powered by Gigle Semiconductor’s mediaxtream chip, and for those unaware, these simply plug into seprate AC outlets within the home to pass along multiple high-def streams over a home's existing power wiring. It generally provides more speed and stability compared to a Wi-Fi transfer, and since everyone already has power wiring within their walls, there's no need to worry over running additional cabling. Highlights of the adapters are below, but here are the details you really need: shipping now in North America (Europe gets them in early August) for $149.99.

Setup of a powerline network is simple with its plug-and-play connectivity:

  • Plug one end of the Adapter into an available wall outlet.
  • Connect the other end to any device with an available Ethernet port (RJ45), such as a gaming console, set-top box, or computer.
  • Ideal for ultrafast high-quality transmission of multiple video streams, reducing online gaming latency and quickly transferring large data files
  • Includes one single-port Adapter for a gaming console, HDTV, or a computer and another single-port Adapter to plug into a router
  • Stream multiple HD movies and game online
  • Improves Internet connectivity in remote rooms or places hard to reach with wireless connections
  • Provides a secure, stable networking signal
  • Push-button security
  • Plug-and-play setup
  • Mesh network:
    • Adding a third (or more) Belkin Powerline Adapter enables Gigle’s xtendnet™ feature that provides increasing networking stability and performance by creating a transparent mesh network.
  • Compatible with HomePlug® AV products