Belkin Intros First Lightning-Compatible Apple Accessories

Well, you knew it would happen at some point. Belkin has just announced the first major batch of accessories (from a major electronics maker) that'll work with Apple's newest connector. The new Lightning port has been something of a lightning rod, leaving nearly half a billion accessories incompatible with the new iPhone and iPad family. But, progress marches ever onward, and Belkin's ready. The company's new kit includes an all-in-one charger and charge + sync dock. These new accessories will be the first third-party Lightning accessories available in market and are the first of several new Lightning accessories from Belkin that will launch this year.

The first is an updated version of an existing product, but a Lightning cable isn't included. It'll boast a 2.1 amp / 10 watt charger, and will ship for $29.99. The dock also omits the cable, but includes a folding AUX jack and a removable magnetic base for $29.99.

Something tells us these are just a few of many that'll flood the market prior to the holiday season.
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