Behold The 3D Print It Yourself Pi-Top Raspberry Pi Powered Laptop

Netvertibles, Chromebooks, and Xbox consoles turned into laptops. We've seen all of that, but a 3D-printed laptop huddled around a Raspberry Pi? It sounds like nerd heaven, and it's now a reality. The Pi-Top is very likely the world's first 3D-pri ted, Raspberry Pi-powered laptop, and rather than just being a one-off project, it's one that you can enjoy yourself.

The Pi-Top's creator is offering DIY kits up for sale, with a price point that's actually fairly accessible for the average (okay, maybe skewing hardcore) hobbyist If you have access to a 3D printer, you can print the shell on your own and embed the Raspberry Pi afterwards. If you're still lacking a 3D printer, you can buy the cast directly and then take over from there.

The project was designed to further explore the possibilities of a cheap, small, low-powered computer in the hands of the masses. To quote the site: "The Pi-Top Kit provides a basis to expand your knowledge in hardware and software innovation. Build and understand your own Raspberry Pi Model B+ powered laptop. We take you through each component and its functionality, so that you can use the Pi-Top as a tool for your own build projects in the future."

Also of note, Pi-Top's creators imply that this particular rig is only the beginning, with future projects to delve even deeper into the growing DIY user base surrounding the Raspberry Pi. As you may have expected, Pi-Top won't become an honest-to-goodness reality until its Kickstarter project gets underway, so it's up to fans and hobbyists to fund it.

The basic kit includes the Pi board and case, a battery, Wi-Fi antenna, integrated laptop keyboard and trackpad, a 13.3" LCD, and the latest version of Raspbian OS. Exact pricing remains to be seen, but those interested in learning more can sign up for updates from the project's website.