Beautiful, Modded Systems Featured Front And Center At IDF 2015

Intel IDF mods 1

Overclocking and gaming have been major focuses at this year’s Intel Developers Forum. Intel even took the opportunity to break an overclocking record with a super-cooled Core i7-6700K-based system during a gaming-related session, which we covered here.

At that session, there were a number of awesome, modded systems on the stage that didn’t get much attention. The systems were so gorgeous, though, we thought we’d give them some coverage for the geek-porn factor alone.

mods 1  mods 2

mods 3  mods 4

mods 5  mods 7

mods 10  mods 8

mods 9  mods 11

We don’t have details on the systems, but we’re sure build logs are available on-line. The builders and system names are featured on the badges just below the systems.

I would kill for Big Blue (developed my Derick Magnusen from EKWB) or Big Red (developed by Richard Surroz and Travis Jank). How about you?
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