'Battery Go!' App Details Remaining iPhone Life

Battery life has taken on a life of its own here at HotHardware, and considering that many iPhone 3GS users are bickering about shorter-than-expected lifespans, this app couldn't arrive at a better time. Showcased now in Apple's App Store, 'Battery Go!" measures and displays the remaining battery life on one's iPhone or iPod touch right down to the minute.

Developed by CollegeKidApp.com, the software also has four large icons that display how long you could surf the web, chat on the phone, listen to tunes or watch video with your remaining life. A novel addition, for sure. The program costs just $0.99, and for those who seem to push their devices to the very limit before plugging 'em back in, it's a must-have. Now, if only this app could extend the battery life of Apple's devices, we'd really be in business.