Batman: Arkham Knight Cleared For October 28th Relaunch On PC

Holy relaunch, Batman, Arkham Knight is returning to PC! We always knew it would, the question was when, and now we know. Publisher Warner Brothers Interactive posted a message to Valve's Steam Community boards announcing that Batman: Arkham Knight will be re-released to the PC platform this Wednesday, October 28, at precisely 10 AM Pacific.

WB made the tough decision to cease sales of the PC version of Arkham Knight on Steam and in stores after numerous reports of performance issues. Many users complained of dropped frame rates and scores of glitches. It was an embarrassing moment for WB and developer publisher Rocksteady Studios after all the hype leading up to the game's launch. Steam codes for Arkham Knight were also commonly found bundled with new graphics cards.

Batman Arkham Knight

An interim patch for players who had already downloaded and installed Arkham Knight was released early last month. It addressed many of the issues users were running into and added more comprehensive in-game settings to fiddle with, but the game still wasn't ready for a re-launch.

WB indicated a few weeks ago that work on Arkham Knight was wrapping up and that it would re-release to PC later this month. That's still the plan, as indicated by the latest update.

When Arkham Knight returns to PC, it will bring with it all of the additional content that's been released to consoles since launch, save for exclusives. That means PC gamers will have access to Photo Mode, Big Head Mode, an Arkham Asylum skin for Batman, and character selection in combat AR modes. In addition, Season Pass holders will have access to new content, such as several crime fighter packs, Batmobile race tracks, and other goodies.