Barnes and Noble Says Have No Fear, New Nook Products On The Way

"Wait just a moment, will you?" That's a question being posed by Barnes & Noble, which has come out swinging to address prior rumors that the Nook hardware business was being phased out completely. The bookseller has been mired in difficulties over the past few years, as the digital age weighs heavy on its traditional paper business. But the Nook has seemingly been a bright spot in the lineup, and despite competition from Amazon and tablet makers the world over, it appears that the Nook business has life left in it.

The company's latest financial report makes clear that "new Nook products are planned," and it is "confirming" its commitment to Nook: both the device and content sides of the business. Speaking of that, the Nook segment saw revenues dive 20.2% from a year ago, with device and accessory sales down a whopping 23.1% from a year ago. It's a bleak picture, but Michael P. Huseby, President of Barnes & Noble, had this to say: "The company intends to continue to design and develop cutting-edge NOOK black and white and color devices.  We will continue to offer our award-winning line of NOOK products including NOOK Simple Touch, NOOK Simple Touch with Glow Light, NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ at the best values in the marketplace.  At least one new NOOK device  will be released for the coming holiday season and  further products are in development.  All NOOK devices will continue to be backed by world-class pre- and post-sales support in Barnes & Noble stores, as well as ongoing software upgrades and improvements to the digital bookstore service.”

So, if the investments are going to continue, surely we'll see some new products prior to Christmas... right?