Barnes & Noble Slashes Price for NOOK Simple Touch Ereader By $20

It seems that Barnes & Noble is serious about getting its NOOK under the Christmas tree this year. This morning, it chopped the price of the NOOK Simple Touch from $99 to $79. That has to gall people who have been picking them up in the past few weeks, but it’s good news for the procrastinators.

The NOOK Simple Touch Has A New Price Tag

The NOOK Simple Touch was already Barnes & Noble’s cheapest ereader before the price cut. It’s also the smallest, at only 6.5 inches high by 5 inches wide (and 0.47 inches deep), which makes it much more book-like than the larger 7- and 10- inch NOOK models. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network to download books from Barnes & Noble. Don’t mistake this model for the Simple Touch with GlowLight, though – the $119 GlowLight version has a backlight that lets you read in the dark. You’ll need an external light source to see the text on the $79 Simple Touch. (Kind of makes one wonder if the GlowLight will drop before Christmas, too.) The Simple Touch competes with the $69 Amazon Kindle, but it has a compelling advantage: the NOOK doesn't have ads.

Barnes & Noble cut the price of the Simple Touch even deeper during Black Friday sales, but it’s not surprising that today’s cut doesn’t match the frenzy-generating prices from Thanksgiving. Even so, the new price is bound to turn the heads of many last-minute shoppers.