Barnes & Noble Reveals New Touch-Based $139 NOOK E-Reader

On the same day that Microsoft introduced a ton of new features within the upcoming "Mango" build of Windows Phone 7, Barnes & Noble introduced something of their own: an all-new NOOK. It's a new touch-sensitive reader with improved battery life (up to 2 months on a single charge), an ultra-light frame, full touchscreen, a 6" E Ink Pearl Display, and optimized display performance that offers 80% less flashing.

It comes equipped with Wi-Fi, and offers 50% more contrast than a 1st edition NOOK. It weighs just 7.48oz., and is 35% lighter and 15% thinner than the original. It'll hold up to 1,000 digital books, and it's priced right as well: pre-orders are live now for $139. Of course, the same LendMe functionality that you're used to in the other NOOK is here as well, and you'll get free Wi-Fi access at over 24,000 AT&T Hotspots, too.

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