Barnes & Noble Dispatches Another Round of Nook Price Cuts

Don't go pulling the trigger on a Nook Color or Nook Tablet just yet, lest you want to kick yourself in the rump 24 hours from now for jumping the gun on a round of price cuts. Barnes & Noble is shaving $10 off the price of the former and $20 off the latter, so that beginning tomorrow, November 4, 2012, you'll be able to purchase the Nook Color for $139 and the Nook Tablet for $159 (8GB) or $179 (16GB).

"Just in time for the holidays, these new lower prices make Nook a great gift for anyone in the family," said Jamie Iannone, President of Digital Products at Barnes & Noble. "With everything from interactive children’s books to the best collection of top 100 magazines in rich color, Nook is perfect for anyone who likes to read."


The price cuts come less than three months after Barnes & Noble last reduced the price on its Nook line. They also come as Barnes & Noble gets ready to releases its 7-inch Nook HD ($199) and 9-inch Nook HD+ ($269), both of which will be available to purchase starting November 8.

How do the new prices compare to the Kindle? Amazon's 8GB Kindle Fire sells for $159 with "Special Offers" and $174 without ads. There's no option for a 16GB model unless you step up to a Kindle Fire HD, which runs $199 for 16GB and $249 for 32GB, or $214 and $264 without Special Offers, respectively.