BAPCo Wants Your Help in Developing Benchmark for Tablets

Now is undeniably not the time to ignore the mobile market. Consider some statistics that explain why. According to market research firm IDC, tablet shipments are up more than 300 percent year-over-year, while eReader shipments are up 167 percent. Smartphones are everywhere you look, and it seems that all chip makers want to talk about is the mobile market. Welcome to the age of mobile computing.

BAPCo (Business Application Performance Corporation), maker of SYSMark, hopes to lead the welcome committee, but it wants your help. The company today announced it has begun developing TabletMark, which as you can surmise by the name is a benchmark for tablets. So what does BAPCo want from you?

"With this new benchmark BAPCo continues to welcome feedback and input from the community. Any organization interested in contributing to this development and the consortium's goals and purposes are invited to join BAPCo in this ground breaking benchmark," BAPCo said in a statement.

BAPCo also unveiled the next version of MobileMark in 2012. Built from the ground up, BAPCo says the new release will bring a number of enhancements to MobileMark, but stopped short of saying exactly what they will be.

No word on when these will be released.