Back Up Early And Often: Lacie Ships First 5 Terabyte External Hard Drive With Thunderbolt

Storage products maker LaCie is claiming an industry-first 5TB 7200 RPM hard drive, and it’s deploying the spacious HDD in several Thunderbolt-equipped devices.

“Increasingly larger file formats for film and photography have driven the demand for more storage capacity,” reads a LaCie press release. “The availability of 5TB hard drives enables LaCie to deliver significantly more storage capacity in its same compact desktop designs.”

LaCie Thunderbolt 5TB

The LaCie 5big Thunderbolt Series, 2big Thunderbolt Series, and the d2 Thunderbolt Series, as well as the LaCie 2big Quadra and d2 Quadra products, are all loaded with the big HDD, which gives LaCie a range of devices that scales to a 5-bay, 25TB external storage solution.

25TB is a lot of space to work with, even for photography and video pros. LaCie says that the spacious Thunderbolt solutions offer speeds of up to 785MBps. The devices are protected by a three-year limited warranty.