Baby Name? There's an iPhone App for That

Getting just the right name for your baby has always been a passion for parents, but never more so than in the digital age. After all, if you can't get that desired email address / domain name / whatever for the Internet, you've got to find a different name, right?

To help in finding the perfect name for your baby, what better way than to use your iPhone. Right, right, your parents might be a good source of suggestions, too. But lacking that, how about an iPhone app from

Here's how the Baby Names Finder app is described, rather simply:
Find, sort and keep your favorite baby names in this app brought to you by the creators of Includes a Name of the Day display, a random baby name generator and a complete app to search, enter and store your favorite baby names on your iPhone. Perfect for the expectant parent!
It's $4.99 in the App Store. Thing is, it's not the only baby name finder, and certainly not the first. Search the App Store and you can find a number of such apps, including one that suggests Indian baby names.

One has to wonder what baby IKC would have been named by using one of these apps, however!