Awesome SYNEK Machine Is The ‘Keurig’ of Beer, Dispensing Cold Ones On Demand

There are many ways to get beer from a container into your mouth, but the founders of a curious machine called SYNEK believe they’ve developed the best method of all time. SYNEK is a portable (all you need is an outlet) machine that dispenses cold beer on demand, like a tap, but without the need for a keg.

The idea is that such a device allows you to keep a reasonably large amount of beer on hand and on tap without needing to fill bottles or growlers or having a kegerator around. You can fill a SYNEK bag from any tap with up to a gallon of beer and stick in in your fridge. When you feel like it, pop the bag into the SYNEK and poof, cold beer on tap.

SYNEK beer dispenser

The team says that beer stored this way will remain fresh and delicious for more than a month. The machine itself chills and pressurizes the beer, and--this is important--you can swap out one bag for another without losing carbonation. Thus, you could keep many bags of different beers on hand and easily serve them to friends (or yourself) at will.

Another key element of the SYNEK is that it’s incredibly easy to fill up the special bags from a tap. They developed a small hose that keeps the beer from ever coming into contact with air, so the transfer doesn’t affect the brew at all.

The killer use case for the SYNEK is most likely home brewers, but we can imagine dropping by a local bar and filling up a few bags before a party from various taps.

The SYNEK team is soliciting funds through Kickstarter, if you want to help make better beer dispensing a reality. They’re looking for $250,000 and have so far drummed up just over $28,000 with 23 days to go.