Awesome Stars Wars Themed Xbox 360 to Ship in April 2012

The Xbox 360 is six years old, granted, and in the realm of technology, that's pretty ancient. Be that as it may, we can't help but get a little excited about a Star Wars themed 360 console decked out in R2D2 trim and accompanied by a C3PO inspired controller. Throw in a white Kinect bar and our geek senses start to go into overload.

We've actually known about the themed console for quite some time, and we were hoping it would be out by now. Obviously that isn't the case, but according to Kotaku, it will likely launch in April 2012.

Kotaku says the themed console is being used on the set of a popular network television show, which will air in February. "Rumblings have the console itself hitting stores in April," Kotaku says, and that also means Kinect Star Wars will probably be delayed until then as well.

According to Microsoft, the themed console will come equipped with a 320GB hard drive and include custom sounds related to the Star Wars universe. It will be sold as a bundle for $450 and include the themed system itself, C3PO controller, Kinect Star Wars game, Kinect Sensor, wired headset, and Kinect Adventures game.