Avis: Let Them Have Their Rental, And Wi-Fi Too.

You know it's a good time to be a techie when coffee shops, fast food joints and even car rental companies like Avis are helping you stay connected anywhere you go.  In fact, it's just a good time for anyone who wants to stay connected as often as possible with companies like Avis paving the way to a more connected tomorrrow.  Here's a snippet from an Avis press release:
"Parsippany, NJ May 21, 2007 - Avis Rent A Car System, LLC today announced that it will bring portable Wi-Fi connectivity to the travel industry with the launch of its new Avis Connect service. Avis Connect enables travelers to enjoy broadband wireless Internet connectivity at all times and places during their travel, from airports to meetings to hotels, and everything in between. The opportunity to have portable connectivity throughout their trip is expected to enhance the productivity and convenience of Avis renters' travel."
The networking technology that Avis is using is provided by Autonet Mobile, and boasts a 95%+ coverage on all American roads.  There's no word on the speeds and/or latency, but the connectivity would seem to be meant more for casual use rather than hard-core gaming.

With AVIS already renting autos equipped with the Autonet Mobile system it will hopefully only be a matter of time until anyone buying a new car can simply check a box and drive away with something comparable.  Time will tell if Wi-Fi in cars is either be a real boon or a serious road hazard.
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