AViiQ's USB Powering Ready Clips Are Simple, Effective

You may not be super familiar with AViiQ, but they're a mobile accessory and design company that tends to crank out some pretty unique products. The latest is the Ready Clips, giving consumers a convenient way of charging or transferring data to and from any USB 2.0. port. AViiQ Ready Clips are said to "eliminate the headaches associated with tangled cables via a minimalistic pen-sized design, and are now available for Micro, Mini and Apple devices."

Each one measures 5.5 inches long, ¼ inch thick and weighs less than 0.5 pounds for easy storage and transporting.  They are also completely bendable and feature a conveniently designed clip that allows it to be secured in any pocket, strap or notebook. Sometimes it's the simple things, you know? Each one is available for $12.99, starting this week.