Aviary Launches Photo Editor SDK For Windows 8 Along With Six Partners

Aviary is no stranger to the photo editing world. The company already has a handful of standalone editors on various mobile platforms, and it's also powering Flickr's mobile app editor -- not to mention Twitter's official filter collection. The company largely works in the background; most folks outside of the technology realm haven't even heard the name, but they've probably used some of its software in some form or fashion. Now, Aviary's Photo Editor SDK is being released for Windows 8, specifically designed for apps on Windows 8 tablets and PCs. This new SDK joins our existing SDKs for iOS, Android, HTML5 & Windows Phone 7, collectively used by our 3,500+ partners.

Six total partners are included in the launch, with AMD and Microsoft name-checked as two companies that helped build the SDK "from the ground up," as it's optimized for AMD's APU advantages. Here's a bit from Aviary: "We’ve achieved significant performance improvements by implementing filters and effects through the new heterogeneous compute language C++ AMP. Computations are performed on the highly parallel graphics processing unit (GPU) cores inside the AMD APU instead of the more serial central processing unit (CPU) cores. Applying CAMP allows for processing of our complete range of filters and effects instantaneously – on average 16x faster than comparable processors, according to benchmark studies conducted by AMD."

Rowi, MemoryIage, Volet, MyFrames, Photo Annotater, and Selektiv are apps you'll want to check out to see early examples of the photo filtering magic, and yes, you can also Aviary’s Photo Editor app for Windows 8 from Microsoft’s app store.