Avengers Fans Assemble! Samsung Tweets Image Of Iron Man-Themed Galaxy S6 Edge

Over two weeks have passed since the second most hyped movie of the year — Avengers: Age of Ultron — bowed in cinemas worldwide (c'mon...nothing is going to get close to December's grand return of Luke, Leia, Han, et al), and the merchandising march continues with the news that Samsung is prepping a special Iron Man-themed edition of its Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone for release. First rumored back in April by The Korea TimesSamsung put 'Paid' to the hints and innuendo today with an official announcement via the company's official Twitter account. 


The tweet presents what seems to be the box for a Special Edition "The Avengers" version of the S6 Edge, and with the Iron Man character depicted prominently it doesn't require much of a propulsive energy boot burst to make the leap to the phone being slick and saturated with the Shellhead persona. 

Without an image of the actual phone to go on, the salivating super-hero loving community is left to imagine what an Iron Man S6 Edge will actually look like. Gold metal edges and red Corning 
Gorilla Glass? YES! The inverse (red metal, gold glass)? YES! Samsung's new flagship phones seem the perfect canvas on which to paint visions of a coming-true-to-life Stark Industries smartphone, with its gleaming surfaces and metal-forged framing. 

A few months back we were treated to Avengers-themed renderings of Samsung 
Galaxy S6 smartphones, including — yes — Iron Man, and also Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, and Black Widow (a Nick Fury S6 was also in the mix, even if the character is not technically a member of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes), and if the cool factor of the seemingly-upcoming Iron Man phone is in line with those pretty pictures good comic book loving folks will no doubt assemble to check them out, indeed. 


The Samsung Twitter post did carry a disclaimer stating that the limited edition Galaxy S6 would "differ by region", and no promise is made as to which markets will receive units of what is sure to be an iron-clad bestseller. Regardless, if the Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge takes off other such super phones are sure to be right on its tail.