AVADirect Grabs Pocketful of Radeon HD 6990M Chips, Shoves Them in Clevo Notebooks

First there was the novel Shoeless Joe and then came the movie adaptation Field of Dreams. In each one, the protagonist hears a voice whispering, "If you build it, he will come." In this case, "he" refers to Shoeless Joe Jackson, a baseball player idolized by the main character's father. AMD must have taken some inspiration from that story, because the chip maker went out and built what it claims is the world's fastest mobile GPU, and as expected, boutique system vendors have come calling.

That includes AVADirect, who tells us they've begun offering the 6990M as a configuration option in their Clevo P150HM, P170HM, and X7200 gaming notebook models. AVADirect is currently taking pre-orders for this part and expects to ship finished systems to customers within 3-4 weeks.

Whether or not the HD 6990M is truly faster than Nvidia's GeForce GTX 580M is something we haven't yet tested ourselves, however AVADirect points out that AMD's part is less expensive.

"AMD's HD 6990M is $200+ cheaper than Nvidia's GTX 580M graphics card," AVADirect said in a statement. "Though, many sources have claimed the performance is not much better than the GTX 580M, (as opposed to AMD's statement of a 25% increase) it is still something to think about."

Pricing through AVADirect for a notebook configured with a 6990M graphics chip starts at around $1,850 (Clevo P150HM).