AVADirect Adds 24GB Option for X7200 Notebook

The X7200 notebook from AVADirect already boasts some incredible features, including support for six-core Intel chips, dual ATI/NVIDIA GPUs, and up to three SATA drives, but now you can opt for up to 24GB of memory, too.

In order to take advantage of all 24GB of RAM, users will need Windows Professional or Ultimate, as Windows Home Premium only supports 16GB. The DDR3-1333MHz memory is a Crucial kit (3 x 8GB), and you’ll pay dearly for it; if you add that option in the online configurator, it’ll add a whopping $1,035.92 to the cost of your notebook. To put it in perspective, the next most expensive memory option available for the X7200 is $146.72 for 6GB (3 x 2GB) of Kingston DDR3-1600MHz RAM.

In a forum post announcing the option, AVADirect notes that the X7200 is now even more of a desktop replacement notebook, and that’s not just market-speak; that thing is a beast.

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