Australians To Get 1Gbps Internet Link By End Of 2013

You know, this is finally starting to feel like a trend. And it's certainly a trend we're happy to get behind. The trend of high(er)-speed Internet is seemingly sweeping the developed world, with fiber-based solutions and ISPs offering 1Gbps+ speeds becoming less of an exception compared to yesteryear. Now, even customers Down Under will soon be able to enjoy the blistering speeds that folks in Kansas City already have access to.

Australians will soon be able to thank NBN for installing 1Gbps access, as the network is set to go live prior to the end of 2013. To put this in perspective, a 1Gbps connection could download an entire movie in just seconds. It'd be "several hundred times faster" than what many Australians are used to. Granted, just checking one's e-mail on this may not make a major impact, but this is all planning for the near future. It won't be long before many homes are equipped with 10+ connected devices, and streaming audio + video will be used frequently.

Professor Rod Tucker, director of the institute for a broadband-enabled society at the University of Melbourne, had this to say: "The average person who does regular internet activities is probably not going to notice much difference today. Where I think it will make a difference is in small businesses."