Austin Next to Be Lit Up With Google Fiber

Only a few months after Google brought Gigabit broadband to Kansas City, Google is rumored to be gearing up for its next metropolis: Austin, Texas. Google is planning a big press conference in Austin next week. The word is that Austin and Google have an announcement to make. Google and Austin officials haven’t admitted to anything yet, but with rumors flying and a Tuesday conference planned, it’s worth taking note of.

So, why all the commotion about Gigabit broadband? Speed, of course. With Gigabit broadband, you’re looking at being able to watch streaming video at higher resolutions than the 720p most streaming video is limited to. Top speeds will 100 times as fast as typical broadband. Even with Google Fiber, things like 4K streaming will be dependent on a service being able to provide it, but – wouldn’t you know – Netflix is working on just that.

Google Fiber looks like a ton of bandwidth for not much more than you're probably paying now.
Image credit: Google

Kansas City (both Kansas and Missouri sides) has been enjoying Google Fiber as it works its way through one neighborhood after another. Residents have some tantalizing broadband options, including years of free regular broadband (after paying a $300 upfront fee) and Gigabit Internet for $70 off. That’s probably not much more than you’re paying now, for wildly faster Internet. If you want Gigabit and TV, you’ll pay $120 a month.

If you live in Austin, do you think you’ll sign up for Google Fiber? If you live in Kansas City, do you have it already? Let us know in the comments.