Audiovox Introduces Portable DVD Player With FLO TV Service

In general, mobile TV has had a difficult time gaining ground in America. FLO TV has been one of the primary companies out there trying to get people hooked, but based on the small amount of compatible devices out there, we're guessing that it hasn't been a huge home run. But that could be because most devices thus far have been for watching TV only. It's tough to imagine too many people wanting to buy an extra device solely for watching TV on the go, and even tougher when you figure in the extra monthly cost.

But Audiovox has an interesting idea. They're trying to integrate FLO TV into a device that consumers may want already, making FLO TV just the icing on a cake that someone was already going to purchase. The company's new Audiovox 7" Portable DVD Player with FLO TV combines two devices into one, enabling consumers to watch movies on disc or from the air.

This approach seems to make a lot more sense to us. If you imagine using this with kids in the rear of a vehicle, they want to check out Disney Channel and Nickelodeon while you're still in range of FLO TV content, though the device could double as a DVD player when you're somewhere rural. At no time is the device non-functional. The DFL-710 can be purchased now for $199.99 at Best Buy, and that includes a three-month pre-paid subscription to FLO TV; afterwards, you'll need to pay $14.99 to keep the TV service active.

 Audiovox Launches First Portable DVD Player with Built-in FLO TV

— New Model Lets Consumers Access Live Mobile Television on a Portable DVD Player —

HAUPPAUGE, NY & SAN DIEGO — August 5, 2010 — Audiovox Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX) and FLO TV Incorporated, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), today introduced the new Audiovox 7” Portable DVD Player with FLO TV™, offering television, sports and movie enthusiasts another way to access live mobile television.  The Audiovox Portable DVD Player with FLO TV allows consumers to watch epic moments of live and time-shifted TV shows or relax with their favorite DVDs while on the go.

The player delivers high-quality video and audio features, a built-in rechargeable battery, stereo speakers and has a 7-inch diagonal 16 x 9 wide screen.  With FLO TV service, viewers can select from children’s programming (Disney Channel, Nickelodeon), live sports, breaking news (CNN Mobile, FOX News Channel) and hit shows to complement their DVD collection.  Because the FLO TV service is delivered over America’s largest dedicated mobile TV network, there are no buffering or bandwidth issues for a hassle-free viewing experience.

“Audiovox has been successfully delivering the award-winning installed automotive FLO TV solution to retailers and car dealers since the beginning of this year,” said Tom Malone, president of Audiovox Electronics Corporation.  “This new system expands our product offerings to the portable DVD market where we expect the addition of FLO TV will drive us to the leadership position there as well — showing consumers not only how to watch but, with the addition of FLO TV, expanding their options for what to watch as well.  FLO TV’s breadth of TV content and Audiovox’s commitment to quality manufacturing makes a wonderful pairing for people who can’t miss a moment of their favorite shows.”

“This product represents the latest step in our ongoing efforts to bring live mobile TV to every small screen,” said Bill Stone, president of FLO TV.  “With Audiovox’s Portable DVD Player with FLO TV, consumers who enjoy taking their media with them get the unique dual capability of playing DVDs and watching live television on the same device.”

The DFL 710 is now available at select Best Buy store locations.  It will retail for $199.99, which includes a limited time offer for a three-month, pre-paid subscription to the FLO TV service.*