Audigy 2 to Audigy 4 Softmod: Is it worthwhile?

To mosts enthusiasts, the term "softmod" usually conjures up dreams of gaining extra performance or features with a few simple clicks of the mouse, so it's no wonder that a recent set of hacked drivers that will turn your Audigy 2 into an Audigy 4 have caused so much commotion. With the hardware remaining unchanged, is there really a performance improvement with the hacked drivers, or is it just wishful thinking?

"Recently there has been a lot of buzz on hardware forums regarding a set of hacked drivers that have actually been around for a while, that will allow you to 'turn your Audigy 2 or SB Live! into an Audigy 4'. Basically, the drivers will make Windows detect the soundcard as an Audigy 4, and you will be able to use Audigy 4 software to control your Audigy or SB Live! series soundcard. From what I've seen, nearly everyone who tries this mod claims major improvements in gaming performance and audio quality. Knowing that the actual differences between these soundcards are at the hardware level, I was curious to find out why so many people perceived this. I did some research and ran some benchmarks, to find out what the softmod really does for you."
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