Audi Teases Rakish Q4 E-Tron Compact Crossover EV That Will Face Tesla Model Y

q4 etron 3
Tesla got the ball rolling with the modern take on electric vehicle back in 2012 with the Model S, and arguably no other manufacturer has been able to combine the good looks and long range into a competing production vehicle...yet. The closest to matching the luxuries afforded by Tesla matched with a long driving range and good looks comes from Germany, and Audi has just teased its it upcoming Q4 E-Tron.

The Q4 E-Tron is a compact crossover vehicle that will slot under the current E-Tron mid-sized crossover EV. The vehicle will be built on Volkswagen's new MEB platform, which will form the basis of a wide range of electric vehicles across the company's corporate brands. Size wise, expect the vehicle to be comparable to the Audi Q3 crossover

q4 etron 2

Although Audi isn't giving us any official details on the powertrain or battery capacity, the company did provide three artist renders of the vehicle. While we can get an overall idea of the design theme of the vehicle, you can be certain that the production model won't have those huge wheels or the incredibly small greenhouse area.

With that being said, the design is familial to the existing E-Tron, but with more pronounced surface detailing; especially around the front and rear fenders. Inside, there's a big display panel behind the steering wheel and an even larger display integrated into the dash and canted towards the driver to handle infotainment/navigation.

q4 etron 1

According to sources familiar with Audi’s plans, there will be two battery options for the Q4 E-Tron, with a base 48-kWh battery offering a driving range of just over 200 miles. A larger battery pack of undisclosed capacity will offer around 300 miles of range.

When the Q4 E-Tron enters the market, it will be going up against the Tesla Model Y compact crossover, which is supposed to be unveiled later this year. The Model Y will reportedly be built on the same platform as the Model 3 and will offer similar powertrain/battery options, which means that we should see driving ranges somewhere in the 200- to 300-mile ballpark.