AT&T Lowers Centro Price to $69.99

Yes, Virginia, there is cellular phone news that doesn't involve the iPhone. That doesn't mean we won't mention it at least once - or twice.

AT&T and Palm have lowered the price of the Centro to $69.99. This is part of a back-to-school promotion, running from 7/11 to 9/20.

We have to point out to Palm that they need to update their website. At the time of this writing it still says "as low as $99.99." Once you click "Buy" and select AT&T, you can see the offer, which involves a mail-in rebate.

And with the new Electric Blue color, it's a pretty attractive device. Despite the fact that PalmOS is no longer the smartphone OS of the week, failing to keep up with even Windows Mobile, much less the iPhone, there are still plenty of PalmOS users out there, and at this price, it is a tempting offer.
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