AT&T Launches Locker Cloud Storage App For iOS

Cloud storage may be young in the consumer world, but it's growing up fast. With online data being handed out left and right, used to store everything from multimedia to documents, it seems that even carriers are getting in the game. Now, AT&T has launched a new cloud-based photo and video sharing app for iOS customers. Users will get 5GB of storage for free, and they'll have the ability to upload images and video to secure online storage and quickly share on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or e-mail. Users can create and customize albums for photos and video on the device or online from a laptop or home computer. Customers can also store music and other files in their AT&T Locker storage. The app is compatible back to iPhone 3GS.

Users can make sure they never lose a photo again with Easy Upload feature, which allows you to automatically upload the photos on your device to the AT&T Cloud. With AT&T Locker, users can choose to upload new photos and video via Wi-Fi, wireless or both. Customers can manage those photos and share them through the app on the smartphone or on the AT&T Locker web page, and we're told that the carrier plans to incorporate additional features in future versions of AT&T Locker.

Just watch out for those data limits!