AT&T Laptop Theft Exposes Employee Data

When will people learn?  If you have a laptop with sensitive data on it, you should encrypt it.  So many laptops or hard drives have been lost or stolen.  And here we go again.
A laptop containing unencrypted personal data on current and former employees of the AT&T Corp. was stolen recently from the car of an employee of a professional services firm doing work for the company. That theft prompted the company to notify an unspecified number of individuals about the potential compromise of their Social Security numbers, names and other personal details.
As is typical in these incidents, employees whose data may be compromised will be offered a year of free credit monitoring.  Also typically, it took AT&T nearly a month before they began to notify employees.

AT&T learned of the theft on July 31 but began notifying affected employees only on Aug 20. The company needed that time to identify exactly whose information was involved and locate their contact information, they said.
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