Athlon64 FX60 SLOWER than FX57?

Fudo has just posted some interesting information over at The Inquirer that seems to indicate that the upcoming dual-core AMD Athlon64 FX60 will actually be slower than its single-core FX57 counterpart in most games. Taking the slightly lower clocks of the FX60 into consideration, this should really be no surprise. However, it will certainly be interesting to see how the FX60 will look in ALL benchmarks beyond just gaming. Something tells me that the FX60 will quickly become the "Swiss-Army Knife" of choice for flagship CPU's.

AMD will release its Athlon FX60 CPU in January and as Charlie reported before, it will be the first dual core FX CPU. It will have two cores but will end up clocked at 2.6GHz while the FX 57 is clocked at 2.8GHz. Even though the FX 60 has two cores, the slower clock results in poorer performance. Two X1800 XT Master card edition in Crossfire with standard X1800XT scores 13560 with the FX 60 CPU while the FX 57 scores 14200 in 3Dmark05. It's very simple - the faster clock beats its competition.
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