Atari's Comical Bluetooth-Enabled Speakerhat Is Now On Sale For $100

Atari Speakerhats

Atari is one of the most recognizable brands in gaming, even if it has changed hands numerous times since it was founded in 1972. While the glory days might be squarely in the company's rear view mirror, Atari is still releasing products, most notably a retro game console that is hitting Indiegogo later this week, and a Bluetooth ball cap that is currently on sale. Why Bluetooth, you ask? For the speakers, of course!

While Atari's speakerhat sounds like an April Fool's Day gag, it's not. The speakerhat is an actual product, and a pricey one at that—$100 right now, and that's the sale price. These things normally go for $130, including the limited edition Pong Anniversary speakerhat that Atari unveiled a couple of weeks ago in celebration of Pong Day in recognition of the iconic game's 45th anniversary.

Atari Pong Speakerhat

"Atari’s Pong Anniversary Limited-Edition Speakerhat is the newest baseball-style cap with high-fidelity stereo speakers, microphone and Bluetooth connectivity. Pong fans will appreciate the sleek, low-key styling and nostalgic touches while enjoying phone calls, audio/music and voice control," Atari said at the time.

Atari Speakerhat

The speakerhats were first introduced in July of this year. They are powered by Audiowear and "precision-engineered to the highest audio standards," according to Atari. The company's pitch is that by integrating speakers into the bill of the cap, users don't have to worry about the "isolation of headphones or burden of carrying a portable speaker."

Speakerhats also feature a microphone. And with Bluetooth added to the mix, users can connect to their mobile device and stream music, field calls, and so forth.

Pong Speakerhat Back

Atari's line of speakerhats are actually nice looking caps, especially for nostalgia buffs. But at $100, you have to be really taken in by the idea of a hat with speakers inside.
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